The Community of Francis and Clare, Lothlorien


The Community of Francis and Clare, Lothlorien House is a place where people come together to transcend dogma and experience the heart of religious life through sacrament and spiritual practices.

The creation-centered tradition passed down to us from Saints Francis and Clare, Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich,
and in modern times by Matthew Fox, emphasizing original blessing and the goodness of God's creation, is inherently sacramental in nature.

The Book of Common Prayer defines sacrament as:  "The outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace, given by Christ as sure and certain means by which we receive that grace."

The sacraments, such as the bread and wine of Communion and the water of baptism, are more than mere symbols. 
Rather, these Divine gifts allow us to tangibly receive spiritual grace in and through the physical creation.  When we participate in the sacraments, and lift our voices in thanks and praise, we become bodily vessels of grace in the world.

Likewise, practices such as  yoga, meditation, dance, chanting and contemplative prayer can be thought of as "sacramental" in that we use our body and breath as a vehicle for spiritual realization and expression.

Most churches talk about God.  At CFC Lothlorien we practice the Presence of "God-at-home-with-us," Emmanuel.

Our non-denominational Liturgy encourages a shared experience of the Divine free from concerns about doctrinal divisions. We teach spiritual practices to enable everyone to connect with the sacred in their own heart and home as a part of daily life, in the context of their own personal religious tradition.

Read more about The Community of Francis and Clare from our founder, Father Scott Baldwin of All Saints Episcopal Church in San Francisco, California.

Our particular mission here at Lothlorien House is to provide instruction in classical hatha yoga as whole-body prayer: 

Hatha yoga is intimacy with all ordinary conditions, which spontaneously reveals and enables us to feel the source of all conditions.  No matter what language of faith and devotion is used to express the beautiful ideals of “source" or “God” or “absolute reality” hatha yoga is the universal means of them all.  [Mark Whitwell,
Heart of Yoga]

Click here fo
r more information on our yoga program.  

The "sun and moon" is the emblem of the Community of Francis and Clare. Donovan sang about it in his beautiful song "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" from the movie about the life of Saint Francis.  It is also a symbol representing hatha yoga. 
What does it mean?  Read about our philosophy of yoga and related topics.

Contact us: 
Sister Jamie Brown, phone: 850-238-0566 or email.

Your donation will help us to keep Lothlorien House open and continue our ministry of providing education in spiritual practices. We have not yet obtained our 501c3 Federal tax-exempt status. However, as a religious order we are permitted
to accept donations and we will provide you with a letter of acknowledgement documenting your charitable donation


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